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Causes of cracking of ceramic and porcelain toilet bowls, prevention, and repair!

These days, employing porcelain and ceramic toilet bowls are well-known in Iran and in most countries.

Selecting this type of toilet bowl is because of its popularity and, most importantly, its comparatively cheap price.

Regrettably, over time, users face many and perhaps irreparable problems, one of them (which is very common) is cracking the ceramic and porcelain toilet bowl.

Some experts believe that the cracks created on the body of this type of toilet bowl can be repaired or even removed, but it should be considered; this will not only be temporary, but also very difficult and expensive. Accordingly, the issue of repair is not practical, except in very rare cases.

The experts of Shahrazin Golchin Manufacturing Company have examined the cause of this issue (cracking and breaking of the toilet bowl) and also point out some cases to prevent this issue;

Cause of cracking ceramic and porcelain toilet bowls!

1- Break due to impact (even T crash during washing)

2- Inadequate accuracy during installation (increasing and decreasing mortar during substructure and creating low and high in the surfaces of the toilet bowl)

3- Applying bad porcelain or improper pottery in the structure of the toilet bowl

4- Existence of hidden seams in various parts of the structure that cause the expansion of the toilet bowl body.

5- Utilizing non-standard toilet bowls. (If we apply non-standard porcelain and ceramic toilet bowls, they will absorb water in winter and will expand and crack by changing the temperature.)

6- Stone or nail contact that there is apparently under the users' shoes when using the toilet bowl. (Using Eastern porcelain and ceramic toilet bowls (Iranian / Islamic), the place of the foot due to the use of shoes and the presence of stones, etc. in the floor, causes scratches and loss of glaze in the place of footprints over time)

7- Water leakage (sometimes there may be water leakage in the lower parts of the toilet bowl or even in another part of the toilet, which can additionally break and crack the toilet bowl over time).

How can we prevent the cracking of ceramic and porcelain toilet bowls?!

1- We should be very cautious not to hit a heavy object with the surface of the toilet bowl at the time of walking in the bathroom and washing.

2- When installing porcelain and ceramic toilet bowls, we should make sure that the substructure is performed in a perfectly specialized way.

3- At the time of choosing a toilet bowl, particularly for places such as gardens that have a high airflow, we should use quite standard toilet bowls so that we do not view expansion and as a result, cracks and break.

4- We should use safe slippers (special slippers) in toilets.

5- We should make sure that it does not leak and check completely even different parts of the toilet before installing the toilet bowl.

How to discover cracks in ceramic and porcelain toilet bowls?!

As discussed earlier, leaking in a tank and leaking in a toilet bowl can be the two main causes of leakage and cracking, and break. Cracks are regularly either above or below the water level; cracks above the water surface usually do not cause problems unless they are spread over time.

One way to control and observe these types of cracks and prevent additional problems is to take photographs of these types of cracks daily so that they can be efficiently prevented. Cracks that are below the water level should be monitored and fixed much faster since the defeat to repair and delay them can cause innumerable problems. Accordingly, the first step is to identify the exact location of the crack, in which case both the inner surface and the outer surface must be thoroughly checked to discover the precise location.

Discovering and repairing cracks in toilet bowls is normally a very careful and skillful responsibility. Most of these cracks are formed in the upper part, which means the same level above the water. Most of the time, cracks develop when washing the toilet, in which case, some water survives on the floor and near the toilet bowl, which is a hint of cracks that should be repaired quickly.

Sometimes these cracks are provided in the bottom of the ceramic toilet bowl, which is very challenging to check and discover, which should be considered so that they do not impose many problems and costs. Usually in such cases, if it is not practicable to repair it, we have to replace the toilet bowl.

What are the invisible cracks in the toilet bowl?

Sometimes cracks are produced that cannot be observed with the naked eye and are actually called invisible cracks. One of the solutions to discover invisible cracks is to examine the floor of the toilet that water can leak out of the toilet bowl and in some cases, the toilet bowl does not contain any water, which is not a problem apparently, but under part of the toilet is cracked that causes this leak.

We can apply epoxy to repair cracks above the water surface and around the bolt joints. Of course, we can also use epoxy for cracks lower than the water level, but if the leak continues, we should think of replacing it with a long-lasting and good quality toilet bowl.

First, you have to be fast and milling to use this epoxy, because epoxies can be used for 15 to 30 minutes, and after this time, they become hard and unusable, and epoxies are usually the same color as our toilet bowl to maintain the facade and unity of the surface.

How to repair a cracked toilet bowl?!

Equipment required to repair the toilet bowl: 1- Waterproof epoxy. 2- Sandpaper. 3- Cleaning cloth. 4- Spatula.

Stages to repair the toilet bowl;

First, the inner surface of the ceramic and porcelain toilet bowl must be thoroughly clean and dry, therefore, it is better to wash the toilet bowl thoroughly and dry the inside with a towel before starting work and the surface to be completely free of any pollution and moisture. In the next step, In the next step, we carefully identify the location of the crack and sand in the same part, and rough the surface so that the epoxy can quickly penetrate into it and be placed on its surface. After sanding, rewash the coveted surface and re dry it.

The epoxy made of two parts that we have to act according to the instructions on the product and combine it and very quickly fully cover the crack utilizing a spatula. We should notice that during the work, we spread the material on the surface with one hand so that the facade of the ceramic toilet bowl remains after stopping the work.

After finishing work, it normally takes 24 hours for the epoxy to dry thoroughly, and usually, information related to the way of working each epoxy and the duration to dry it has been written on each product.

We should be careful not to touch it until it is totally dry and do not use the toilet bowl. We should refill the bowl several times with water after passing the required time and allow the water to drain, and we should check carefully for any leaks.

Cracking and breaking of ceramic and porcelain toilet bowls are inevitable for various reasons. Perhaps for this reason, in today's world, stainless steel toilet bowls are used instead of ceramic toilet bowls, which are durable, luxurious, and modern, and in accordance with modern technical knowledge. Shahrazin Golchin Manufacture Company is proud to offer unique products to users by presenting Iranian and Western stainless steel toilet bowls. The product is not only quite standard and in accordance with the most advanced technology in the world, but also it never breaks and cracks due to its unique design and material.

In this regard, the voice of the consultant will respond to all your questions:


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