Steel Toilet bowls

Using W.C and toilets has been common in all cultures since long times ago. People in different countries with different cultures have used different types of toilets to meet their needs!

In Iran, the toilet bowl, which has been popular for a long time, is called the Iranian toilet, and some may call it Mongolian toilet bowl, for some reasons!

Research shows that people spend considerable amount of their time in these toilets, so they should be designed in a way that they have long lives and a special beauty, as well as being comfortable.

Shahrazin Golchin Production Company, with years of experience, has always been successful and eminent in producing Iranian toilet bowls. Since the Iranian toilet bowls produced by Golchin Company, with the Golchin logo on their bodies, promise a lifelong guarantee to the customers and the consumers and assure them that the benefits of Golchin Iranian bowls are very real and during the years of producing this product, it has always sought customer satisfaction both in Iran and overseas.

Among the features and benefits of the Iranian toilet bowls, produced by Golchin Company, are as follows:

1. No fracture and damage caused by falling objects or stroke

2. No filth gathering overtime in stainless steel toilet bowls

3. No water leakage and optimal insulation

4. No chip in the edge or damage to the glaze

5. Not capable of being embedded with drugs

6. Resistant to all acidic and alkaline detergents (because of the use of anti-acid stainless steel sheet)

7. The antibacterial material of the mentioned toilet bowls

8. The use of spherical surfaces in bowls, which makes the bowls free of splashes

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